help me, pls!

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5 thoughts on “help me, pls!

  1. the light through the container in his hand is my favorite part

    Dave, just what caught my attention. and the situation of course. he is a paraplegic.

  2. good street shot
    and conclusion to this photo:
    for poor people is always cold, so this man sitting in the sun and not in the shade as it is customary in Brazil, or in other warm countries ;-)

  3. F, you are referring to sit in the shade, escaping the sun. yes, that’s a lot of fun.
    but in this case the paraplegic waived his chair to bring the piety of pedestrians.

  4. Dramatique! Une scène de rue qu’on voudrait ne plus voir… Beau témoignage de notre époque.
    Bonne journée.

  5. cette scène est partout. et le soleil a donné une collaboration pour le rendre plus dramatique, n’est pas , DOM

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