signs… Who needs so many

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6 thoughts on “signs… Who needs so many

  1. red and white
    Now, here on wordpress, I look forward to your comments and I answer any question posed to me about the photo. I promise !!!
    Here will be posted all the photos……This from the city and this from my the imagination.

  2. PS: On Tumblr will be L O D Z and FUKULUKU
    here Swinging the brain
    this is my new concept ;-))

    greetings, my Solar Sister

  3. so… some order from your howls.
    OK, that’s good. blogspot allways in our heart but…
    Word and TB are simplified and modern than blogger.
    go ahead!… why FUKULUKU, asking you :-) sounds as an African word.

  4. as I’m sure you checked, that word does not mean anything in Polish
    probably does not mean in anything any other language ;-)
    most cool and something meaningful name is already taken, so I came up with the word FUKULUKU
    and you good interpret, that it sounds as an African word ;-)

  5. J’aime bien cette scène en couleurs avec sa dominante rouge! Bien joué et bien composée. La jungle urbaine.
    Bonne journée.

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