people who live on the streets
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4 thoughts on “people who live on the streets

  1. Trois photos pour évoquer la tragédie de nos sociétés qui laissent tant de monde sans abri. Trois belles photos. Beau reportage.
    Bonne journée.

  2. Dom, heureusement pas ici rigueurs de l’hiver.
    ces gens préfèrent les rues au lieu auberges (ceux qui sont détenus par les gouvernements).
    merci pour vos commentaire.

  3. certainly it’s uncomfortable and dangerous
    and probably also in some cases unfair
    but being homeless in Brazil has one advantage
    there is no severe winters
    excellent reportage and FAV!!! for this set

    I always curious whether these people feel a kind of freedom from civilization, the family, property, etc……?
    or just only the sadness and sense of injustice…….I think is likely to is dependent on an individual’s psyche

  4. Frank, a percentage of them is drugged, another mental patient, the third is unemployed, and finally, migrants (from other Brazilian provinces.
    Oh, yes. few of them are on the streets in search of individual freedom. the philosophical principle of them is DO not participate of capitalist world.
    Thank you so much for ask me about the social condition in Brasil.

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