Independence Day – time to manifest

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7 thoughts on “Independence Day – time to manifest

  1. I agree with Dave about eye contact – cool moment
    moreover, it’s a very nice glance :-)
    I like also pose that adopted the boy with long hair and t-shirt with Motorhead
    I don’t know if his hand position symbolizes something, but it’s cool and funny
    and besides, on the street we can see some little confusion
    well, …….Independence Day ;-)
    and one more thing, this demonstrators enjoy Independence Day, or protesting against something ?…….it’s hard to read from this picture
    oh, and at the end very cool street-reportage shot !

  2. eye contact, Dave. I like it. difficult but it happens.
    they are protesting, Frank. contrary to corrupt, stealing children, rape of young women.
    and are disrupting trafficking. a new generation of students.

  3. despite the fact that I’m old, I support these young people
    they are protesting in the legitimate issues
    let’s fight for your right !

    why you don’t have enabled “reply” button ?
    If you have any questions for my photos of Lodz, try this :
    however wordpress is the best platform for discussion

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