5 thoughts on “B&W

  1. Bravo for this post and great sense of humor !
    First I thought you was breaking your style, because I saw the colors
    and then I saw the photo in full opening and title
    and I was enchanted by the cool sense of what you gave to this post !!!
    bravo, bravo and one more time BRAVO !!!

    In this case not enough the photo and title, because it could even be rude and boorish
    but by following and watching your blog for a long time, I know that this is a great sense of humor……and I love it !

  2. oh! IM happy about the wallpaper, dear brother.
    you know me.
    did you see these colors hats. and another curiosity: hand in hand. a real couple :-)

  3. yeah, I see all the details of this multidimensional photo
    and also admire those older couples holding hands
    yeah, a real loving couple, together lifelong……

    ……or maybe they met until yesterday ? ;-))

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