The Artificial Fog
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  1. Linda esta foto, parabens! Mas onde esta neste lugar no Sao Paulo ? Nao conheço ainda… mas gostaria de saber e encontrar. Bom final de semana.

  2. Colorful houses, narrow streets and romantic lamps, yeah, it looks like Italy in the evening without the sun. This is my first thought looking at this image.
    Although it’s a one significant difference……is clean.
    Seems to be a nice place to walk.

  3. Frank,
    in fact this is a quiet place although the old city center.
    the artificial fog is an art installation.
    is an allusion to the ancient Sao Paulo when the fog was a constant.
    today the air is dry. we cheered for rain. as today. much water has fallen on us. any photos. let’s go to look in the archives :-)

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