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  1. Strong contrast between these two images. It looks like two different worlds.
    Definitely I prefer this second reality. A nice street scene with an interesting building in the background. OK, let me guess? This is a large department store or railway station? The decoration of the cockades and greens is permanent at the building, or only in December?

    These people at first photo, are waiting in line do “świątyni duchowej mocy i uzdrawiania” ;-)

  2. “świątyni duchowej mocy i uzdrawiania”
    yes! exactly ^- ^
    the hopeful promise for the very very poor (miserable temple – photo1)
    and consumption for the midle class (shoping center – photo2 – decorated since October)
    do you believe in it. Early Christmas .

  3. La rue est le lieu le plus naturel qui soit et le photographe en est le témoin.
    Bonne journée Betharr.

  4. La première photo est vraiment impressionnante! J’adore les tons de verts et la composition! Magifique!
    Bonne journée.

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