long hair in the sun

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9 thoughts on “long hair in the sun

  1. Oh, a lot of people waiting at bus stop.
    Long time there was no bus?
    Or it’s rush hour?
    Besides, I love this picture !!!
    A lot of people in wonderfully diffused sunlight and long hair man in the foreground.
    Perfect composition and FAV!!!!

  2. dear solar brother
    was a strong evening sun last last yesterday .
    I got out seeking the light and… suddenly :-) I caught the ‘long hair’ in the crowd.
    some walked (at right) and others are waiting for the bus, yes.
    was formed a brilliant wave moving in my direction.
    give me an opinion: is it nice to tell the story about each photo I post here?
    I don’t know!… I really like people who make their concerns / questions, etc
    YOU? yes or no? :-))

  3. J’adore la façon dont tu as capté les rayons du soleil. Belle scène de rue une fois encore.
    Bonne journée.

  4. Although I don’t do it, I like sometimes pictures with a description and history.
    But then indeed there will be fewer questions from readers of the blog, because almost everything will be already known.
    I like your blog as it is now. Only the title and picture. This encourages thinking and it’s more intriguing. This leads to questions about street scenes, people or situations. It stimulates the imagination and I love it
    But well, the choice is yours ;-))

    I regret that I don’t answer at yours questions on my blog.
    But the blogger platform don’t give such thing as “reapley” to specific question and create a mess because the answer is somewhere far away from question. You understand what I mean ?
    Wordpress platform and tumblr with disqus it’s much better that blogger in this case.
    Again sorry for this problem and inconvenience, but this blogger should apologize ;-))

    hummmmm… tell me, Frank: the tumblr as fanny as blogger is (asking)
    I think tumblr is ‘closed’ than wordpress, I mean, only a few changes by provider. you can’t
    interfere in its html, is it (asking :-))

  5. You may intervene in html, but a little on a different basis than the blogger and not in all themes. In this case I prefer definitely blogger.
    But the choice of themes is so large, that each probably has something for yourself, even without any interference in html.
    Remains the problem of comments. You must choose a template that makes it possible, or manually insert in the html according to the instructions, although it is not easy.
    But I see that in wordpress are also limitations in response to comments and can not lead a normal discussion. For example, has just now I have to write a new comment because there is no button “reaply” to this topic.

    Tumblr: you can add photos without restrictions. There is no limit.
    Another nice advantage is Bookmarklet : You can post anything interesting you see on the net in simple way. For example, my last post

  6. OK. I understood all.
    in fact less time in posting is important.
    to visit interesting sites requires more time
    so I ‘update’ my needs for news in frequent visits to yours :-)))
    many thx , Frank, I learned a lot with you.

  7. Interesting how the longhair seems completely separate from everyone else who are focused on something (the bus). This is a traditional BethTone image…great to see. If you want my opinion about story or no storey with the photos, I like reading about the history or context of the photo, but first I look and let my eyes have dinner and then I go back to read the caption.

  8. WF, thank you! so pleasurable to read your comments, dear friend.

    I don’t read the previous comments from other contributors ‘when I visit the others blogs’.
    the displayed image make me think about something.
    then the words to express the new image (my inner image) after the provocation of the images by firends.
    hahaha a little confused

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