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6 thoughts on “acquiring digital chain

  1. I can’t explain my idea in English. (maybe title is not fair).
    here is an expression in Portuguese that mean:
    the mobile is a digital ‘dog collar ‘ . it means where you go people can find you.
    that’s you without privacy.
    she deliberately acquiring her arrest. Is that clear? :-)

  2. Yeah, all clear and so is around the world. We themselves buying collars, controls and restrictions. Though you must admit that there are also advantages of this. Is not it?
    The same applies to the internet and for example: google. All in one place, but under control. Here also, as with mobile phones are digital collars that we themselves assume. Although I personally do not feel controlled. I feel free, but in the majority opinion, they know everything about us. Yes or no?
    But fortunately no one is forcing anyone to mobile phones and the Internet.
    We no need to have all these electronic toys ;-))
    So what, we disconnected from the internet from tomorrow? ;-))
    So, ……..yes or no? …….. ;-)))

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. of course not :-)
    google, thanks a lot. but it knows about me just what I think is enough: a nickname and the city where I live in. country too. and my
    interest in photography. what else… yes, who are my friends. what sites I visit. the same in Facebook. well, well…
    I swear I never provided my full name. you?… yes or no :-))))

  3. Un choix difficile, le téléphone portable est devenu aujourd’hui une vraie addiction! Surtout pour les nouveaux modèles, avec une connexion internet!! Une belle illustration de la vie moderne !!! Peut-on revenir en arrière ?

  4. She made her choice and it looks as though he doesn’t notice (but probably he’s just beginning to get the phone she wants, eh?). If you’re taking a poll, I just got a cellphone a year ago, it’s pay-as-you-go, and I keep having to carry minutes to the next month. Just my wife has the number. When I finish work I turn it on, tell her I’ll be training for the Formula 1 on the way home, say goodbye, and turn it off. It is capable of e-mail, internet, MP3, and all kinds of things. Maybe I can use it as a razor to shave my face, I don’t know. I just use it for one tiny call a day (usually). On days she works, she takes it, and keeps it turned off. No leash for us!

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