two red towers in the gray city


6 thoughts on “two red towers in the gray city

  1. thanks, merci JJ & Laba
    it was ‘a minute to shoot’.
    what do you two think about that?

  2. Excellent post and set of photos with the leading red color. Oh, and rain also is in the lead role here…….Did you had an umbrella (red), or you stood under the roof (also red)? ;-)
    You see, even without the sun and shadows can we made interesting photos.
    The most I like the first picture and expressions on the faces of guys without umbrellas. probably suffer a little? ;-))
    And the third picture with the girl in red boots.

  3. Muito boa essa série, o contraste de cores ficou fantástico, Pbs.

  4. hahahaha I was comfortably inside the bus and I had a minute to take 6 photos.
    about taking faces… so hard to catch one who look at you. hurried people running from one side to the other.
    I see the ‘street photographer’ video and is so easy for them!
    well… to try, to try, to try. never give up :-))

  5. Bel ensemble, rendu très cohérent par la couleur rouge§ Bien joué! J’aime beaucoup la première.
    Bonne journée.

  6. This is selective desaturation the way it should be done! Beautiful considering that you took it from a bus while it momentarily stopped. One question, though… is the guy in the first photo with one grey are bi-racial? Very interesting!

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