sometimes I just look down



6 thoughts on “sometimes I just look down

  1. Linda foto que mostra uma soledão na natureza.
    Eu voltei de minhas feiras na Europa… Paris, Evian les Bains, Annecy, Genebre, Strasbourg, Colmar, Luxembourg… Mas estou muito feliz de voltar na casa aqui no São Paulo e de viver no Brasil… Acho que fico mais brasileiro que francès agora… rsrsrs.

  2. Boas Vindas! Well come back! Bienvenu!
    com a proximidade dos dias frios,,, você voltou para os trópicos.
    luck man!

  3. I cannot decide whether the chairs are attacking or trying to support the tree. Or maybe they are bowing to worship it? Labasoche is experiencing the conflicting magnetism pulling him in different cultural directions. Isn’t it wonderful to have so much to love about more than one place and personal influence?

  4. people like him and you who have two diferent cult and place to be is the best way to follow in the life.
    I mean, I imagine you as an asiatic man living in Canada, MI right, Hoai?

  5. You are right that I am pulled in several cultural directons but the details are a little different from what you think… my mother was from Scottish and Irish origins whose family came to Canada about 200 years ago. My father’s parents came here from Greece about 100 years ago. I was born and grew up in Montreal but moved to Niagara about ten years ago (I find the two places much more different than I thought they’d be…I miss “home” so much!). The name HoaiPhai is a little bit of a joke…I used to be able to write a bit in Vietnamese (but only a few people could understand my terrible pronounciation. I used to teach English to VNese people andwhen they didn’t want to work hard, they would insist that I explain in VNese so they could have a good laugh!). I used to comment on news stories and use this name as kind of a joke (Hoài = sempre + Phải = correto, but in Vietnamese this is not good grammar…”hoài đúng” is better but “hoài phải” sounds like “wi-fi” preceded by an “H”, which I thought would be good to use on-line (Understand the joke? Correct 100% of the time but not always 100% correct!). My wife is the Asian in the family — she’s from Seoul, Korea. I love Seoul and except for the complicated way you interact with others who are older, younger, deserving of respect, etc., in many ways the people in Seoul are closer to being Montrealers than the people in Niagara! So now you know all about me!

  6. Thank you for answer HP.
    Oh, a great story!
    so many people leave their original country to build the Americas as with our ancestors.

    I’m proud of them.

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