ask to the flowers



5 thoughts on “ask to the flowers

  1. Ordinary life with funny and little surrealistic title. I like this combination.

    A lot of wires in the air. A veritable tangle and chaos. Here in Poland has not seen in cities such views. All the cables are buried in the ground. I don’t know which solution is better, just say the differences ;-)
    One solution is nicer for the surrounding area and the second more practical in case of repair ;-)

    At the first image I’m interested in yet, what is this building with the keys as a logo?

  2. Frank,

    first: the second was deleted. it was not good.
    second: the kiosk with the key icon is a repair shop. when we need to change the lock or when we lose our keys … then the owner of the kiosk helps us.
    third: the wires are irritating. it is in everywhere exception on the grand boulevards :-((
    thx for ask me!
    ah! the title… a little crazy, yes :-))

  3. Cadrage original qui fonctionne bien: l’oeil est attiré par la seule certitude de la photo: les fleurs! Bien joué!!
    Bonne journée.

  4. Wonderful photo with so much to say but the untold story is what is interesting to think about. It looks like he’s presenting the flowers to someone and reminds me of a comedian who once stood outside of an office building and at 5:00 asked every woman leaving the building for their phone number, just saying “Can I have your number?”. (he didn’t get any!) Very engaging photo!

    In cold countries, like in Poland and here in Canada, having power and phone lines underground prevents damage in ice storms.

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