a man and his toy



6 thoughts on “a man and his toy

  1. A good title, because men are just the big boys ;-))
    I like the effect of softening the image and tint ( Photoscape? )

  2. No photoscape (not yet but the ‘extrat’ has donne. maybe the next one :-) thx again.
    Man and woman should be kid (teens is better :-)
    I love to watch this scene. the innocent expression on their faces.

  3. Il semblerait qu’il aille plus vite à pied que sur roulettes.
    Le spectacle de la rue est parfois très étonnant.

  4. I agree with Frank… I have friends that I’ve known since kindergarten and they’ve changed so little, except on the scale of the games they’ve always played. Beautifully shot!

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