outside … an ‘overdose’ of the brightness





4 thoughts on “outside … an ‘overdose’ of the brightness

  1. So, in these photos I can see exactly what you wrote to me in a previous post.
    Strong sunlight and pleasure for a man if even for a moment will be in the shade. Yeah, a pleasant for body and soul and mind.

    At the first photo I like body language of couple in the middle of photo. They look like they were dancing or they would like to avoid photo, when they saw you with your camera ;-)) Yeah, it’s funny scene.

    The second photo it’s my favorite from this set.
    Deep shadows and soft light at the end with one bright and strong point at the delivery truck. I see that the street is narrow, so it’s probably therefore so little sunlight. I like also soft circle of light on the ceiling. I love this shot and FAV!!!
    I wonder only of the inscription MONTAG, that is to say in German Monday…….German district?

    Young couple in the last photo probably takes part in a performance on the street ?

  2. photo 1:
    in fact the man has difficulty to walk.
    Photo 2:
    Montag is the name of women’s clothing store. perhaps the owner is a descendant of German.
    You’re right. they are campaigning for life. “care on the traffic”
    and curiously your opinions and attempts at interpretation are always correct. :-))

  3. I love the washing out of detail by the highlights. The man in the first photo looks like he’s stepping carefully into water.

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