police, bikes and shorts




6 thoughts on “police, bikes and shorts

  1. Police in shorts…….hm,hm,hm……..Well, it looks quite funny and lightly.
    But no appearance is most important, most important is that the police was effective in the fight against crime.
    Good report about the police in hot countries.

    OK! and now I have to go to buy a ticket to Cuiaba :-))

  2. Bonjour Beth,

    J’aime beaucoup ce principe du thème dans tes images! On retrouve le vélo à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur! deux scènes de rue judicieusement composées.. Il y a du graphisme et des histoires.

  3. Mathilde,
    les gardes utilisent leur vélo pour le travail.
    ils ont besoin de bonnes jambes, n’est ce pas? :-))

  4. hahahahaha
    Frank, Cuiabá? why not Brasilia ( to the palace of governor??????????

  5. Well I have such a plan. First Cuiaba, then Brasilia, then something on the coast, maybe Fortaleza and then in the Amazon region, maybe Manaus and then………dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams……..;-))

    very hot cities. as you like :-)))
    well I don’t visit any of them but The Amazon forest I’ll… one day. just dream too.

  6. Here in Canada some police forces have bicycle riding cops in short pants, too. Heat is relative to what you’re used to! Lovely photos!

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