lamp post as a solar protector




4 thoughts on “lamp post as a solar protector

  1. Finally, Sao Paulo. I missed these familiar :-) streets.
    Brilliant title, because I don’t think, that I draw my attention to this narrow shadow. Bravo! Thanks for the hint of the main theme. I always think that the title is very important, although sometimes is difficult to invent of something suitable ;-)) Do you also have sometimes this problem?
    All politely waiting for the green. Men elegantly dressed in full sun, so I guess it is a lunch time?
    I love the first photo and FAV!!! it and it’s my new wallpaper !

  2. such a funny scene from the streets!…
    also me! sometime I hide myself on the lamp post shadow.
    then you can imagine how the SUN is strong here.
    there is an advantage… light&shadow are sooooooo good for my action.
    maybe I can’t utilize IT with a great mastery
    but I can say that: after long time you taught me how the streets could be added in my photo.
    many, many thanks, Frank.
    Obs: think about the title is also an influence from you. hahahahaha!…

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