static and moving




5 thoughts on “static and moving

  1. Both images in the same style, more dark than bright areas.
    But much more I like the first photo. It’s brilliant in its mysterious. Mysterious mood but clear main message. I like that combination.
    On the second picture, they sell some DVD movies, or whether it is a political manifesto, or its other else?

  2. Bonjour Beth,

    Un cadrage magnifique! Tes B/W sont vraiment superbe, j’en aime le velouté, le cadrage toujours exacte, il est difficile dans la rue de photographier une scène sans avoir de pollution, c’est à dire, les bras, les jambes, d’autres personnes, C’est ce qui donne la qualité première à tes images, et j’aime beaucoup… Bon dimanche Beth.

  3. Both are very teasing to the eyes. The first with the multiple layers of framing (the images in frames, the blob of light, the limits of the wall the framed images are on, the top of the wall behind that and, finally, the edges of your photo!

    The second is delightfully suggesting that some of the people are posing or getting ready to pose. The vendors seem to be getting ready for a posed shot while the man in front of the tree on the left really seems to be posing, as do the couple that can be seen between two of the vendors…wonderful! This would be great printed on metallic paper!

  4. Les musées, les galeries sont des espaces d’exposition très feutrés, intimistes où l’exposition des images diffère de celle de la rue où l’art va à la rencontre du public.
    Et puis, tes NB sont toujours extraordinaires.

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