Alliance Française and the opposite sidewalk



6 thoughts on “Alliance Française and the opposite sidewalk

  1. Great composition in both…and the signature “Beth tones”! Wonderful layering of seemingly disjointed imagery in both.

  2. The second shot is typical street photography, interestingly divided into two areas, dark and bright and I like this vision and composition. But more I like the first photo. Without people, full of mysterious dark areas and reflections in glass. The first floor looks like an abstract painting in black and white. Slightly illuminated leaves in the upper right corner add magic to the whole composition. And small shop on the left (cigarettes?, perfume?) restores the image to reality.
    Although more I like the first image, I add to favorite this two photos. FAV!!! and FAV!!!

  3. Deux très beaux noir et blanc, avec un très complexe jeu de reflet chaque fois. Et l’alliance française!
    Bonne journée.

  4. the first is my FAV .
    affective reason: I studied French language in this school
    years ago… my French is not fair too :-)))))))

  5. Oui, Dom l’Alliance Française!
    l’école de langue traditionnelle ici
    où j’ai fait mon premier contact avec la langue française.
    une professeur parisienne a enseigné la structure et le rythme de la belle langue :-)

  6. thank you, Hoai.
    “Beth tones” is such a simpatic expression :-)

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