ordinary life



5 thoughts on “ordinary life

  1. Daily shopping, daily choice of goods. Eating, sleeping, working, relaxing yeah it’s ordinary life……Or maybe it’s daily adventures? Daily adventures of our life?
    I love this kind of pictures about our ordinary life. We can compare the adventures of our lives in different countries from the viewpoint of an ordinary citizen.

    Is this your favorite shop, where you do your daily shopping?

  2. love this phrase :”daily adventures of our life” ’cause it’s true life, Frank.
    YaYa the name of market. yeah, yeah! :-)
    four times a week I buy there the ‘organic food’ (is that expression for ”fresh vegetable food”) IM asking all.
    there are many others ‘free market’ in Sao Paulo. good for shopping too.
    thx for ask me..

  3. The ordinary is life and is often ignored because we filter it out. After many years we look back and realize that what was once ordinary is now gone. That is part of the value of these photos… one day the businesses will be gone and everything changed and the subject of these photos will become rare and cherished special times.

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