not far away from here … a dynamic city!



7 thoughts on “not far away from here … a dynamic city!

  1. Not far away.. Il y a la beauté de la nature, la paix et surtout cette dernière image très émouvante! Un beau reportage Beth, une réflexion poétique et tendre sur quelques instants de lumière! Le dialogue avec les cygnes et réellement sublime..

    Congrat pour ce beau et nouveau site? J’aime beaucoup.. Bonne journée Beth.

  2. A good place to get away from the hustle of the city and bustle and relaxation.
    Beautiful rays of the sun on the water, a hazy view of the city, reflections in water and silhouette of meditating a man who to derive the energies from nature…..and everything it’s on the first photograph, which is my favorite in this set.

  3. Absolutely stunning shots! I love how the people are looking at the city as though they were watching an event.

    We all live in the shadow of cities at some level, don’t we?

    Lovely new theme, too!

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