sweet dreams



5 thoughts on “sweet dreams

  1. Homeless or just enjoying a break on a nice day? This image says to me “You never really know other people.”

  2. Hoai, just enjoying a break on a nice Sunday at the Image Museum
    where people was to see “A Dog’s Life” Charles Chaplin (live music)
    a cool happening last week.
    thx a lot for comment. love when people DO questions, suppositions
    about my images :-)

  3. Lovely and sweet images.
    I like the white building in the background, and interesting play of shadows on his background.
    It is quietly, calmly and pleasantly. Such an atmosphere can be felt at least from the picture. Though perhaps it’s in the center of the bustle and noise of the city. A wonderful little oasis of peace and quiet, suitable for relaxation and dreaming.
    I like place like this in large cities. It’s like an oasis in the desert.

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