4 thoughts on “sequence

  1. Well finally I see the real, Brazil’s winter ;-)
    Sweaters and jackets, just as it should be winter ;-)
    Well, but that’s probably the last gusts of cold, because in a few days spring ;-)
    Cool set from Sao Paulo and funny for me ;-)

  2. in fact the woman looked at her earring in the reflection of the bus glass window.
    I was behind the glass.
    decisive instant! her friends realize my presence.
    funny, yes! I liked their espontaneous reaction.
    thx , HP. I apreciated your comment.

  3. after a few days the temperature 36 ° down to 13 °. Fortunately the sun is a constant in our lives :-) it’s a spotlight on all things and people.
    excellent to my chiaroscuro, is not it?
    thx, Frank.

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