5 thoughts on “brigthness

  1. Excellent composition with the head of the woman at the foreground.
    True chiaroscuro.
    I see that cars jam is only in one way and on the other side of the street lit emptiness. And thus we can see the great shadow of street light.
    Interesting building in the background. Are these two luminous, vertical streaks that fountain? It seems to me that not, but first impression is interesting. The second impression is also interesting because they are probably the two columns so curiously lighted by the sunlight.
    All these elements form a logical and also magical composition. LOVE IT and FAV!!!

  2. I agree with Frank above and especially love the way the street light’s shadow distracts the eye from reality for a second, taking the image out of the real world.

  3. your question: they are fountain?
    good observation. I could imagine that.
    but no. are concrete columns.
    what is so interesting: I know you’ve liked it because the sun criates an ambiguous
    fantastic atmosphere… something like a dimension of dream.

  4. and I agree with you 100%, HPh.
    two worlds, yes! very well observed.
    many thx.

  5. Superbe composition, très artistique. J’aime bien l’équilibre que tu a trouvé entre la partie blache et le reste de l’image.
    Bonne journée.

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