Grand Theater – staircase & gate



7 thoughts on “Grand Theater – staircase & gate

  1. Although only fragments can be seen, the building appears to be massive and powerful. I see the traditional and tipical style for this type of buildings around the world.
    Simply Grand Theatre must be massive and powerful and preferably in ancient style. Of course this is just my name of this style and my thoughts about this type of buildings :-)
    At the second photo I like the rounding on the way to the gate and I see a lot of tourists.

  2. they are students who have come to know the theater after its repair
    I have not visited yet. :-)

  3. I agree with you, Dan.
    and add my opinion about the pair of images here.
    1- is the same building in the both photos, of course
    2- the play between both is:
    in the first the Grand Theatre is under shadow (agaisnt sunlight)
    in the second the lighted Theatre’s gate in contrast to these shading buildinds.
    Obs it was not my intention when I took them. :-)

    many thx for comment and visit.

  4. Beautiful city… one of contrasts. The first phot reminds me of a church in downtown Montreal where, in the 70s, young people would sit on the stairs, fences, and on the grass all day long. Lovely!

  5. J’adore ces photos de Sao Paulo: grâce à toi, on la découvre un petit peu chaque jour. Bravo.
    Bonne journée.

  6. comme vous a votre ville.j’adore les details là., Dom.
    malheureusement votre web hôtel n’a pas d’accepter mes commentaires.

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