before sunset

São Paulo’s beach: Paulista Av


6 thoughts on “before sunset

  1. Excellent reportage from Sao Paulo shortly before the sunset.
    The first is my favorite. Magic scene with lens straight to the sun. We can to see only the outlines of people and buildings…..LOVE IT !!!
    At the third picture I like the simple, yet interesting architecture.
    For what these young people are waiting? For Festival of Short Films, or only so sit and enjoy this hot winter ;-))
    And last picture a little closer……..Excellent collective portrait of the young residents of Sao Paulo and the expression on the face of the girl closest to the lens…..Perfect catch !!!

  2. Frank, succint your comment in my blogspot (about the Polish moviemaker/student from Lodz) WHY, IM asking :-)
    Can you believe (asking) these photos are capturated in just 3 minutes (when I was waiting for green light traffic).
    people in line to watch short films!!! no. they are enjoying the ‘Paulista’ beach. There is no the scenario (like Lodz)
    but the spirit is the same. a meeting to do nothing.

  3. Just 3 minutes? I can believe it… before I read the comment I was looking at the photos and noticed that while each is great, if I looked repeatedly at all of them one-after-the-other they were even better as a set, giving a wider angle of what I saw as being a single scene. I’m glad you posted them together!

  4. Belle série, avec une préférence pour la première et ce coucher de soleil éclatant entre les immeubles. Belle démarche de montrer les différents aspects de votre ville.
    Bonne journée.

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