going to the dance class



8 thoughts on “going to the dance class

  1. Linda foto, a luz está esplêndida e o foco também, amei Beth, vc sabe: sempre gosto de seus trabalhos.

  2. can you imagine what place is this, celia? it´s Poços. :-)
    under the wonderful sunlight all things are magic.

  3. Great light over this scene. Congrats for this blog, very nice workin BW about everyday life.
    Have a nice day.

  4. well observed, HPh.
    tropical light causes exotic visions, is not it. :-)

  5. From dark to light……Excellent contrast between these two phenomena.
    Huge trees and little, illuminated figure…….Excellent contrast between these two phenomena.
    Full sun and lighting lamp……….and here is a mystery, because the lamp looks like a lit in full sun. Although I think it is just such an impression ;-)
    Brilliant scene full of contrasts !

  6. Frank,
    … and I was reluctant to post this photo but now I know ‘the why’ i did it. you saw the lamp and made a beautiful commentaire.
    the light exceeds its transparency, yes.
    just one click and… the image that will live in nowhere (net)…
    THX ALL.

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