walkIing on the Impressionism



6 thoughts on “walkIing on the Impressionism

  1. Wonderful image! Perfectly timed to catch the optimal moment in the woman’s stride. The overall effect makes me think of a place in Jamaica that dated back to colonial times. Great mood!

  2. Although Impressionism associate me of vibrant colors, I like this black and white vision of impressionism. I like soft rays of the sun and play of the shadows and sunlight.
    Well-composed picture with the woman and dog in the middle, and nice brightened building in the background.
    Well, ok, I accept your black and white vision of impressionism. It’s very inspiring.

  3. HPh, actually that medium size mountain city, Po├žos de Caldas, was designed by the Portuguese colonizers about two centuries ago.
    Some of its buildings were constricted to host the nobility (Portugal gave the empire to Brasil – kings, dukes, barons, etc).
    In 1822 the independence of Brasil was proclaimed (September, 7).
    Brasil is a free country. FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t know.

  4. hahahahaha! i love your considerations, Frank.
    yes! I agree=> Impressionism+colour
    Expressionism (B&W films) is one of my favorite kind of cinema art.
    then… both expressions is correct for me in that image.

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