is IT a good example to be followed?



5 thoughts on “is IT a good example to be followed?

  1. Another great example of how your photos beg the question “Just what exactly is going on?”. It seems as though the boy and woman are just walking by but the boy’s interested in the man counting his money, as am I. Just why is he on the street counting money? Interesting moment.

  2. is an example to be followed? – well, it’s difficult question so maybe yes, or maybe not. It’s difficult to unambiguously determine……without knowing the details
    This kid maybe be in the future famous and rich businessman ;-))
    I like also in this scene the depth of perspective in full light at the end.

  3. HP
    in fact the Brazilian behavior is so typical
    I mean for someone like you “the man who counting his money on the street”
    can seem strange, is not it?
    we know there are thieves all places around the world and that man is in danger.
    is also dangerous to allow the presence of a baby in this situation.
    (I think he just came out the bank).
    thx for visit and comment

  4. Frank
    yes, I was referring to the baby.
    you read my mind. the baby who sees all and knows nothing …
    but learns easily.
    without money there is no HOW.

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