6 thoughts on “expectancy

  1. The scene looks like a frame from an old movie in the cinema, but it seems to me that this is a music concert ?
    How I it gets to know? Well, because males are elegantly dressed. Unless, the males going to the movie also eleganty dressed to the cinema in Brazil ;-))
    This are not applicable to the women, because they are here and there smartly dressed.
    I like the central illumination on the audience and faces full of concentration, but one person looks at you (male, approximately in the middle)
    Oh, why man’s face in the foreground is a little strange?
    Generally, a charming in old style composition and I love it.
    10/10 and FAV!!!

  2. Frank, Microsoft is rewarding teachers for their computer work.
    the ‘strange’ person is the photographer in his moments of rest.
    hahahahaha … our profession.

  3. Hahahaha……..how many I was wrong ;-) Not cinema, not music concert, but the mundane distribution awards for teachers…..hahahaha…….What does not change the fact that I like this scene.
    But it also explains the elegant costumes of men ;-)
    …..I like this statement: ‘our profession’ ;-))

  4. Beautiful human study. It has the tense feel of World War II about it. One of my favourites of your photos!

  5. Wow, great photo – would be perfect for use in photobooks about presentations or photographers. I really like it and I particularly like how the photographer brought himself out in the picture and how everyone looks so bored in person and drab in color by contrast.

    Great picture and thanks for sharing.

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