scenes and scenarios



4 thoughts on “scenes and scenarios

  1. A bit of a departure from the low-key tones I, as a fairly recent visitor to your blog, have come to expect but somehow the contrast of the bright lighting and tropical plants against the people engaged in their routine is very effective, especially in the context of multiple images.

  2. HoaiPhai
    I am deeply grateful for the relevant comments you have done here.
    I’m not surprised you only in the Winter theme – here it is very ‘suave’
    and in the province (São Paulo) where IM just now, it’s almost Summer (look at how their are dressing) :-))

  3. Perfect and interesting photo-reportage. All photos have a mood and style which I love. As for me light, shadows and contrast are great (strong and expressive) I love this kind of style and mood of street scenes !!!……yeah! you’re a MASTER!
    I add all four photos to my favorites and FAV!!! – whole post !!!
    If I had to rate, it lacked me the scale for these four photos. 10 is to not enough.

  4. Frank,
    a couple of hours in the same space provided a parade of the most varied kinds of people.
    the number of black people is reduced here as you can see.
    thx for +10 :-)

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