3 thoughts on “olá

  1. Perfect portrait with the city in the background.
    Nicely dressed and handsome man with charming smile. This portrait is posed, or spontaneous?
    And one more interesting detail…….Yeah, it’s incredible, on the trees isn’t the leaves ;-) Yeah, it’s real winter ;-))
    But without snow and frost ;-)

  2. spontaneous, Frank.
    we said here : ‘franco’ smile, it means ‘honorable’ :-)
    one more time I was pointing my cam to ‘nothing’ and the man went, saw, smiled and said ‘olá’.
    in this case I thanked and showed the screen fro him.
    yes, it’s still winter. what bothers me is the fact, the leaves are not transformed in red :-(
    thanks again for friendly sharing (thoughts and feelings).

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