Confidential Business



5 thoughts on “Confidential Business

  1. Olà tudo bem?
    Você sumiu?
    Que bom de rever você visitar meu blog novamente.
    Com sempré suas fotos ficam lidas.

  2. Olá Laba!
    eu estou visitando a família que vive na província de São Paulo.
    grata pelo comentário. visitar teu blog é um prazer.

  3. Cool street catch, as always !
    But mostly I like the contrast in clothing, jacket trimmed with fur, and in the depth a girl with bare shoulders, or shorts and a jacket with long sleeves by the guy ;-))
    Yeah, looking at your pictures, actually I don’t know, what time of year is now in Sao Paulo….Really I know, but I only to talk, just about photos.
    Well, I like this question and it fascinates me… I would feel and how I would to be dressed in such a place and in such a climate ;-))
    It really fascinates me !!! ……and vice versa?

  4. hahahahaha
    you would wear your summer soft clothes in our winter (SaoPaulo).
    these photos are current, believe me pls!
    in your blog a fashion that will be success here in a few days. :-)

  5. Where do you usually live? I’m not stalking you but just wondering what other place we might get to see in your photos.
    HoaiPhai, IM living in São Paulo city but sometime visit the slow city (SaoPaulo’s province).

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